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    Question Canon iR3225N - startup problem...


    I have a problem with copier Canon iR3225N.
    Precisely problem with boot-ing. When I start machine
    status about loading is shown in screen without logo of
    Canon, without name Canon and without Wait... message.
    Status loading is only few mm (blue status) and it stops.
    After about one min machine restarts itself and it goes
    same procedure (few mm blue status and it stops and
    after about one min restart.....)
    I've tried to change HDD with good one and nothing.
    I've tried to change memory with good one and nothing.
    I've tried to enter into download mode (safe mode and
    normal mode and nothing,copier stops)
    Copier has no more than 15k copies.
    Does anyone have any ideas/solutions what it could be
    or what else I can try. I'll be very glad to hear yours

    Thank you and best regards!
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    mageRUNNER 3225 / 3230 / 3235 / 3235i / 3245 / 3245i
    Title : Blank Display with Green Light On, ImageRunner will continually reboot.
    Problem :
    Blank Display with Green Light On, ImageRunner will continually reboot.

    Solution :
    In this case resetting the Main Controller by shorting the pins at JP1 resolved the issue.

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    Product : imageRUNNER 3225 / 3230 / 3235 / 3245
    Title : Blank Display and Reboots
    Problem :
    The LCD Display is blank, green power light is on and machine keeps rebooting. Checked several DC voltages on DC Controller and found none missing.

    Solution :
    Replacing the Main Controller PCB resolved the problem.

    The Main Controller PCB part numbers are:
    iR3225 FM4-1245-000
    iR3230 FM4-1246-000
    iR3235 FM4-1247-000
    iR3245 FM4-1248-000

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    Dear Luther,
    Thank you for so quick answer.
    I just want to mention that I still didn't check four your solution because of some
    other circumstances that prevents me for checking it.
    I'll will try it to the end of this weekend and I'll post result here. ;-)

    Best regards!

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    Dear Luther,
    Thank you for answer.
    Resetting Main Controller didn't help.
    It must be resetting with power on or off?
    I did it with power off and without cable of
    main power in machine.

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    with power on...wont reset with no power

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    Still nothing. I see that when I make reset green and red lights resets
    on main controller(they turn off and on), machine is restarted and still
    same problem. Status stays only few mm and after few sec it is
    restarted again.

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    well the other solution is to replace the main pcb as stated in my other post

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    canon ir 3225 rebooting problems please give a solution for this problem.

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    canon ir3300 blank display

    my canon ir3300 machine is not display any function it is see only blank display and all machine is working at this time and no error light on. but she displays blank . green lights are on and touch is in working and print function is in working but display blank. please solve my problem

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