Hey all, I have an issue with a OCE IM2520. Also known as a Konica Minolta Bizhub 350 which I don't have much experience with at all.

The original issue was squealing and jamming which I traced to the Fuser.

So I ordered a new fuser and installed it.
I was then getting an error code c0500 which turns out to be an issue with the fuser not warming up.

I followed a procedure to reset the trouble code.
1paperclip in the hole on the side
2press 3 when the dot shows up on the left
3enter 00000000 press end
4press trouble reset

After doing that I get an abort 0x00f00b00, which from my research sounds like it just might do that when you reset the code, so no harm I guess.

It then reboots and STILL gives the error code.

OK, so I figured the new fuser might of been damaged in shipping.

SO, I swap the original fuser back into the machine, run the reset procedure again.....

AND I STILL GET THE ERROR CODE C0500. I have swapped them back and forth 10 times. reset the troublecode 100 times. unplugged, plugged back in....etc.....

ANY ideas????? I'm puzzled and must get this printer working asap as its at a state police office! I am near Erie, PA if someone is fairly local that could assist, but any help would be very nice!