I purchased an old working Panasonic FP-D455 copier, which is now printing black smudge on (60% of page) the printed page. I cleaned the corona, drum and big long glass (on top of the drum unit). The printing is dark and normal but the blackish smudge remains all over the page. Plus there’s also three white vertical lines in the middle of the page.
On close inspection I see that the drum is finely covered with toner. I clean the drum but the toner again sticks again on the drum (as soon as it rotates soon after I close the front cover). I think that the white lines are due to scratches on the DRUM or the cleaning blade may needs to be replaced.
However, I am not sure why toners is sticking on the drum... all this problem started soon after I moved the copier from one location to the other. and black toner (or developer) was all inside the copier during the transportation. I cleaned it as much as possible. However, could not figure out on how to take the drum unit / developer unit out of the copier and clean thoroughly. Can somebody please guide me ?