I have a couple of copiers that aren't really designed for this paper size but we've gotten them to work:

Ricoh MP C2550PS and an CX3641.

When we print on this paper size, it's usually just black toner.


The problem with the C2550PS is that the bypass tray can only hold about 25 sheets of paper so we have to babysit it.
The problem with the CX3641 is that it's just crapped out on us. The service tech has replaced most parts but after about 10-15 copies, white streaking occurs and we have to stop, open the covers and shake the toner carts...then we're good for another 10-15 copies.

I'm looking for some new equipment that has MFP capability, large capacity bypass tray to handle > 50 or 100 sheets, high capacity scanner feed that can scan both sides with one pass.

Anyone with recommendations?