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    Wink Ricoh C3500 - total newbie with dumb questions ;)

    Hey Everyone Ė hoping some of you kind folks can drop some knowledge on a total newbie. Full Disclosure - Iím NOT a copier tech and have relatively limited knowledge about this stuff, but Iím not a complete dummy.

    I just got a printer off of Craigslist for next to nothing - a Ricoh C3500 with finisher and appears to have only been used for approximately 140k prints. It spent the last three or four months braving the GA weather outside in a carport so I brought it home and let it acclimate to the inside of my house first. Cranked it on, cleaned it up a bit and started running some test prints. To my complete surprise, everything appears to be working pretty well.

    I want to ensure Iím getting the most out of this printer possible. I bought it so I could make a run of photo magazines. Iíve been pleasantly surprised at the print quality of the images Ė I realize itís still a laser printer and ultimately inferior to digital presses, inkjet, offset, etc, but for my purposes I think it should do fine.

    When Iím printing 11x17 the paper has a slightly larger margin on the right side than on the left. Like an eighth of an inch which wouldnít normally be a biggie, but when printing booklets, it makes the gutter look sloppy. Iíve tried the edge to edge setting and that just makes it much worse. Any suggestions for how to correct this? Happens when I use both the 11x17 trays.

    Printer driver Ė Iíve just got this thing plugged into my PC via USB Ė using the PCL5c driver Ė Iíve attached some screenshots Ė driver software seems very limited as far as options Ė what am I missing here? I thought this printer was capable at printing higher than 600 DPI?

    Admin login Ė Iím locked out Ė is there a way to reload this thing?

    Firmware Ė I realize I probably canít update the firmware myself from what Iíve read online so far Ė do I need to do this?

    Maintenance Ė Iíve purchased some new toner, but what all do I need to do now and in the future? The printerís menu only has like two calibration options.

    Thank you all - hope to get some guidance here Ė any input is appreciated!!

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    Raising the dead

    That model is no longer supported by Ricoh for parts, so good luck with that.

    For the adjustments, a google search will get you a copy of the service manual, but service mode is Clear Mode, 1,0,7,clear/stop. Most of the registration and image settings are in the 1000-2000 range. Be careful, the quickest way to kill the machine is to poke blindly.

    Default login is admin with no password.

    The PCL6 driver will give you far more adjustments. Get this from

    Good Luck!

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