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Thread: Canon IRA 8295

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    Canon IRA 8295

    I have a Canon IR Advance 8295 with an N-1 sorter stapler. If you run 1 stapled 11" set, it is fine. if you run more than 1, the first sheet of the second set "Shoots out" and machine jams (page not sucked back in to finisher). I have tried adjusting the BFF-STF settings but it didn't help (Also stf2). One strange thing is the label says GRP-ALG says to adjust to 263, however the range is only -40 to 40. If you run 11R or 14" it runs all day with no issues. Also , if you run it as cardstock, it slows machine down and it runs flawlessly.


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    Also SW-ADJ says 39 on label, but manual says -10 to 4. is there a way to override the adjust limits?

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