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    hi...although i cant know english very well ,i want to help you... at first. you must clean the regist.roller with SOLVENT then put some adhesive rubber on middle of the cover that is on the regist.roller thats all... i hope you can understand my explanation.

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    after 15k copies it starts to jam paper. when you open left side of copier you must open black plastic and clean rubbers.

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    Thanks avelon, for part no's

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    I have replace the two gear and I still got frequent jamming problem. Jam codes are 0104 and 0214.

    Now, I will try more things on it ( the machine is in our shop ) and will post if I find a solution. Don't hesitate to give me any more idea on this jam problem.


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    i have had a problem like this with 1 machine,if you strip the covers on the left side you will see that sometimes when the door above the main printer cover is opened and closed that the sensor arm does not sit right into the sensor.if this is your prob then push against door as the copier is operating and you will find that the machine wont jam until you release the pressure. a bit of a magiver should sort you out.

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    Groovy, I know this problem also. We had this on other machine. Usually we need to slightly sand ( 600 grit paper ) the black deflector and add a lubricant on the arm that activate the sensor. When you open the left lower door and manually activate the black deflector you can sometimes feel it.

    However, this one is ok for this and the paper pickup do a full rotation but the paper don't really move. I will now try to install 4 pickup roller on the shaft instead of two and will try to install an other type of half moon pickup.


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    Unhappy Canon jam 2016

    good evening gentlemen,
    I'm new in this forum. I do not write well in English because I'm Italian and I do not know the language very well but I hope I can make myself understood. I own a Canon IR2016J too. I was given a gift for a few days and they said it was working, but I have never been able to put it into operation as soon as it is turned on, the display indicates a paper jam in the left drawer, but in reality there is not it's no sheet. I opened all the drawers and tried with the help of a flashlight any fragments of paper that could keep the sensors locked but nothing ....
    I've done some researches on various forums but nobody has been able to explain any procedure to follow better .. If I understand correctly, there are codes for every type of jam. How can I see which sensor it is?
    The only thing I can do is enter SERVICE MODE (*, 2.8, *) but then I can not continue ...
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you all.

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