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    Ted Hawkins & his vice-president Justin were arrested on Dec. 20th. If you have been taken by US Wholesale or either of these guys you need to contact the officer listed below. They need to hear from as many victims as possible.

    Detective Jeff Roe
    Forsyth County Sheriffs Office
    Criminal Investigations Division
    Financial Investigations/Computer Crimes
    201 E. Maple Street
    Cumming, Georgia 30040
    7707812200 office
    7707812203 fax
    7702233978 pager

    Your Partner In Success,
    Denise, Owner
    Rainbow Consulting Group, LLC

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    I came to this site because it was mentioned in the local paper. I am wondering if the article was just a little inflammatory, and if the Forsyth paper is injecting presumptions into their news?

    Reading the post strings on this website, it looks like there are a dozen or so dissatisfied customers. In a perfect world, I must agree, even one is too many. But I take that sage advice with a pound of salt, and I am posting this "Devil's Advocate" comment for your consideration.

    In my business (not copiers), I've been delivering tens of thousands of electronics products literally around the world since 1984, and not every shipment goes perfect (like Montvale, NJ, last week - sorry about that! But we FedExed the extra cables as soon as we could). We expect up to 2% problems with hardware deliveries, mostly out of box failures. Don't know if that applies here, but, just my Humble, Texas 2 cents worth.

    And thank you for the posts, this is a really entertaining site! EUS

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    Hi I'm josh Hawkins teds son when this happend I was 6 and now m 13 well I can say this I'm sorry for my fathers actions I wish I could change them. But just letting you know the world isn't about money it's about love,passion,and a will. I learned that from growing up with no father. Please come to relize that we are sorry & please forgive.

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