View Full Version : AR-M355 light CQ

06-19-2012, 08:43 AM
Suddenly machine just started printing light. Replaced developer (OEM), performed initialization (25-2), new toner (generic), cleaned interior, optics, adjusted exposure. Two days later same Light CQ situation.
Toner Motor turns (service mode 10) and toner flows. Toner sensor indicates correctly. One thing I noticed is that during developer initialization the "data" light isn't lit, as described in the S.M., but all the other indications appear to be correct.
Could a worn-out drum/transfer roller be responsible? Both drum, (no rotational or wear marks), and roller appear in fine shape visually.
Running service mode 10 will overtone the machine after 3 times, but then it's fine for 2 or 3 days. Is there a fixed toner replenishment option?
On-board life counts (drum, developer, transfer, etc) were cleared prior to our taking over the machine more than a year ago.

Thanks for your input.