View Full Version : Questions about Minolta Di1610 Di160

08-14-2007, 09:47 PM
I have acquired a bunch of these machines. As I have since come to understand is normal for these things, every one of them has some sort of main board problem. Off of the top of my head, there are 2 with C0500 codes, 1 with a display panel that goes blank after a short time and buttons become unresponsive, 1 Di1610F that only displays black boxes on the LCD upon power up and stops at that and one Di1610fps that works just fine, but the network print capability stopped functioning after about 3 days of working fine on my cutomer's network. On this one, I changed the NIC card and the problem remains. It prints fine using USB.

Does anyone have any insight on these little pieces of cr*p? Does a trip to Hytech usually fix the boards? I am also trying to find the scan cards that seat in the main board as well as some good print boards. Everything that I have been getting wholesale lately in the way of Konica-Minoltas has been mysteriously absent essential components such as scan/print cards, NICs and memory.