View Full Version : EP4000 - - - 3 problems

08-20-2007, 09:12 PM
Make 1 copy and registration okay. The 2nd and all other are 1/2 inch off registration. Is this registration clutch problem or reg. roller.

2nd problem is duplex code cod00. I know its something about guide plate home position detection.

I did not get to the above problem yet as I arrived in afternoon and customer wanted to leave at 4.

I spent the time on poor quality which is okay now. Also doc feeder (AFR-13) was not feeding originals all the time. I cleaned rollers and when I put back together won't feed as though it doesn't acknowedge original as it copies belt. I manually placed actuator in original detect sensor but still wouldn't no take in original but copied from glass. The weight are in the up position and I suppose they shoud be in down position which is when customer wanted to leave. First time working this doc feeder and I was reluctant to take the assembly with the 3 weights w/6 springs off but it was the best way to get to rollers under the assembly. Any help is appreciated. Frank/ActionPhotocopy

08-21-2007, 09:17 PM
Registration problem is probably in the clutch. Just take it out, pour a little rubbing alcohol in it & work it in then dry off & reinstall. This usually takes care of problem. As for d.f. can't say for sure. I have seen them lock up electronically and do the same thing. Fixed by turning off machine, unplugging d.f., turn on. Then turn off & plug it back in and try. hope this helps