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  1. Are we being "Green" enough?

    Are We Being Green Enough?

    So, I was reaching out to customers I hadn't heard from in a while. When I received an email back from a old customer who has always been pleasant to work with and a free and open communicator.

    He was sharing with me that in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, he was having to buy and sell Chinese and Mexico made "knock offs" as he called them.

    I have been aware for some time, as I'm sure many are of the ...

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  2. Have You Heard? MPS Just Received a Change-up in Approach to New Clients!

    Have you heard about SPC?
    It stands for SAVE PER a CLICK

    It is an acronym that flips the script.
    Instead of using PAY PER a CLICK use SAVE PER a CLICK![/

    It's a great term to use when selling MPS. Your customers will love to hear they can SAVE PER a CLICK rather than pay per a click.

    Food for thought. Give it a try see how it works.
    Would you rather PAY PER a CLICK or SAVE PER a CLICK?

    Variations would
  3. What Four Letter Word Is Safe to Say When Dealing With Customers & Prospects

    Is it safe to say that every day brings new challenges and rewards, and as long as the rewards outweigh the challenges, we stay on the winning side of the ledger? I think the short answer is --- yes!

    From time to time a customer, or potential customer, will express their discontent for your price quote.

    This is not a time to panic, but to seize the opportunity to close the deal with ease.

    The question then becomes how? Ė-- Well, letís start with a little ...

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  4. What ever happened to Loyalty?

    My adult daughter recently applied for two different jobs after working for four years at one company. Her resume showed her advancing from part time to full time to a counter manager position. I remember thinking after reviewing her resume before she sent it out that a hiring manager would really like what they see. She stayed put at one company for four years taking on greater and greater responsibility. That is someone worth investing in.

    What surprised me is in two of the interviews ...

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  5. My Life in a Demo Room

    I have a nice office, I like working there. It's on the 6th floor with a nice view, minutes from my house. But like Joe Walsh sang "I have a mansion forget the price. Ain't never been there they tell me it's nice." Sometimes I feel that way about my office. I drive about 40,000 miles a year. So I spend more time in my car than in my house (at least waking hours) never mind my office. I do have my office phone extension on my business card but I tell people if you want to get a hold of ...

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