We have a newly installed Canon 8595 with the Multi Pro Puncher BF-1 and the Plastic Comb Hole Punch LTR B1-S. The client previously had a Canon 8095 with the same type of configuration. They have an application that they could do on their previous machine that we are having some challenges with on the new one. They have cover stock that is 8.75 x 11.25 that they used to be able to run through their other machine through the bypass. They are printing on the cover, and comb punching it from the MF Bypass Tray. On the new machine, if I select the free setting it grays out the options to punch. If I do the custom setting, the machine says that it canít use the punch with the setting. If I cheat and use the 8.5 x 11 setting it tells me to adjust my paper guides to fit the paper size but I can disregard the message and it will allow me to run it through. However, the punch favors one edge of the paper so when it is bound, page 2, 3, 4, etcÖ all stick out on the bottom past the cover. The comb punches start a quarter of an inch from one edge of the paper and a half inch from the other. The punch is stationary so I find it strange that the punch holes are centered on the 8.5x11 but not centered on the 8.75x11.25 cover stock given that the support guides are self-centering and each move out an equal distance in their respective directions when inserting the paper. If the guides are always centering the paper than the punch holes should also be centered but they arenít. Anyone have any idea how to make this work?