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Thread: canon ir 2202

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    canon ir 2202

    am facing E0001-000 on new canon ir 2202 ;
    can any one know how to reset error from this model?

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    Canon iR2202


    Please follow the below procedure to enter Service Mode
    1. In standby mode, press the "Settings/Registration" key.
    2. Press the "Reset" key.
    3. Press the "Back" key.
    4. Press the "Settings / Registration" key.
    5. The service mode screen is displayed.
    Use the “Back” key to exit Service Mode

    COPIER> FUNCTION> CLEAR> ERR; and then turn OFF and then ON the power.

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    Hello Good day i have the same problem with my ir 2202 but i cant follow the instructions how do we enter service mode on ir 2202?

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    How to enter service mode, ImageRunner2202

    i find out how to enter service mode
    here is the link to assist more on youtube

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    If you still facing that trouble try it to check your supply if the requirement is 220 volts sometimes if you plug-in into 110 v that trouble might be displayed......

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