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    The web needs to be replaced and counter cleared in service mode.

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    The message instructs to "Switch Main Switch On and Off". After having done so a number of times, the message remains. Any ideas?

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    I'm not a copier technician but am pretty mechanically inclined. Is this something that a non-technician can do. If not, how much would it cost to do something like this?

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    It involves getting the fuser out of the machine and I don't know any tech that will walk a customer thru it. Pay a tech. The price depends on service company's labor charge.

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    The fuser comes out relatively easy from the left access door. Do yourself a favour and undo the metal straps holding it. Make sure the machine is unplugged, remove the connectors on the left of the fuser, as well as the exit sensor connector on the right. The green fuser knob inside the front cover has to come off too.

    The web assy comes off with two screws. Make note of how it's wound, you'll want to make sure you put the new one on the same way.

    Put it all back together. When you turn the machine on for the first time, you'll still get an E005, at this point, hit *,2 and 8 together,* to get into service mode. Under the heading "counter" then "misc" you'll find the web counter. Highlight it and hit clear. Turn the machine off and on, and Bob's your uncle.

    The odd time I've still had it give me a code, if this happens, get into service mode, "function" tab, "clear" then "error". Power off and on.

    Good luck


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