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    Canon IR5000 Heater won't turn on.


    my IR 5000 heater lamp just wont turned on.
    the unit turn on normally, the LCD doesnt display any error codes, the Red ERROR LED doesn't blink. but it just stuck there, the heater wont turn on and if i try to copy something, the LCD just show "Waiting to print" and nothing happen.
    I notice that, the LCD doesn't show "Printer is warming up" message like it used to.
    I have tried swapping my Fixing Assembly unit with my other IR5000 unit and it works just fine.
    I have also checked the Lamp, both working just fine.
    I also swap the Fixing assembly motor, and its works fine.
    it leave the problem to the Fixing/Feeder Frame assembly.

    Any idea how to fix this or where to look?


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    try to check any sensor if there is no foreign matters and clean it....

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