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    Almost all of our IR2016-2020 are doing frequent jams on the left side of the unit ( exit of cassettes ). However, most of the time, there is no paper present. It seem to me that the paper guide behind the left door does not activate correctly the little flag sensor arm in the back side. I have tried sanding it slightly with no. 600 paper grit and than applying some light oil as a lubricant. It help but doesn't seem to fix it at 100%. Anyone have seen this and find better approach ?

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    I forget to add that on this serie of copiers I also have an other problem that cause jams. The bypass lifter plate fail to lift almost half of the time and this cause jam because there is no pickup. I have three machines actually doing this and two are brand new and the third one recently got a new door ***'y ( which include all the mechanics of the bypass lifter ).

    Any help will be appreciated,

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    repalce the exit senzor. There is the problem. Ruben.


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    For which of my problems are you refering ? Does it fix the jam from the bypass OR from the cassette ? My jam code is mainly 0104. Also what is the part number ?


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    I also has this problem, but at my case, the paper jamed at the drum, when making the 2 side copy, the paper go into the drum and stuck on there, may be the charge roller or drum damage, I try another drum cartridge and its seem okie. anyone have solution?

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    canon has a mod for this fault 0104 jams incrorrect paper size detection you change 2 gears pm me your email

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    canongeelong,can you give part numbers for those gears,if you dont mind? Or can you send me that mod.

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    This seems to be a common problem for the Canon ir20xx series machines. The problem is having machine indicating paper jams on the left hand side of the machine. When you open the left cover you do sometimes find paper stuck on entering the fuser unit. The main problem, and i have fixed loads of these machines with these problems are the half moon pickup rollers! Clean the pickup rollers or even better, replace them and you will get the machine working 100%!! To confirm this try copying from the machine using the manual feed tray. You will never get a paper jam. This fault is due to incorrect pickup resulting in timing problem and thus getting paper jams! Good luck!

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    FC6-4389-000 gear 33/50T
    FU6-0776-030 gear 29T
    These are the 2 mod gears for the pickup assy,they need to be changed as a set.

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    I really don't think the problem comes from the half-moon pickup because most of my machines are almost new with less than 40K on them. Some have only 2-6000 copies and are jamming like crazy ! I am still waiting for the gears since almost 6 weeks now. That is ridiculous. I hope theses new gears will solve my problem. I will certain not take any chance and will replace the half-moon pickup at the same time.


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