I have an IR3035 photocopier I received used, I wanted to remove all the old data and settings so I preformed the Initializing All Data/Settings from the settings menu. The initialization was completed successfully, however after the copier rebooted it is now stuck in an infinite boot cycle. The IR logo comes up, the loading bar starts, the status bar fills approx. 1/4 of the way, waiting shows up under the status bar and then power cycles.

After doing some research, it was recommended to replace the main PCB so I picked up a used one on ebay. When I first installed the used one it booted up to the same "waiting" spot and gave me an error. I researched the error and apparently it was because i did not swap the counter board with old main PCB. After doing this the copier is now back to the same boot cycle problems as with the old PCB.

Anyone have any ideas what else could be the problem. I should mention that the new PCB came with new (used) memory so i dont expect that to be a problem. Also I preformed the disk defrag (with the old PCB installed) and it completed successfully.