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    Ricoh MPC401 scan error

    I have updated firmware, formatted the HDD, tried a different HDD, replaced the controller PCB and memory, the maximum email size is set to off, there is a fax unit installed, bot not used or even connected to a phone line, but I continue to get an error of "Transmission has failed. Insufficient memory in the destination hard disk. To check the current status, press [Scanned Files Status]." when scanning to email. A different machine of the same model (MPC401) configured the same, works fine.

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    I initialized :

    Scanner Application SP 5801-9
    DCS (Delivery Control Service) setting SP 5801-14
    SRM (System Resource Manager) settings SP 5801-18
    SAF memory Fax SP5102

    Input mail server and admin address.

    Seems to be working now

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    I am trying to scan to folder on Ricoh MPC4502 and it's not working. I am sure the folder settings are right because I can connected to one of our old computers but it's not connecting to windows 10.

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    for the C4502, Needs latest firmware to support SMB 2/3. For the 401, the key words are "Destination Hard Disk" The receiving server is reporting it is out of space for this user.

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