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Thread: ScanRouter v2 Lite Admin software

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    I tried setting up an XP pro box as a server but the V2 link on the clients couldn't connect.

    Event viewer showed many problems with .dll's

    I suppose that I should have read the system requirements on the box before I left the store.

    Unfortunately, it's a free download and the fact that it only works with 98, NT & 2000 isn't widely advertised.

    Anyone tried to set this up on a 2003 Server?

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    I set ScanRouter Lite up on XP boxes all the time. You are probably having problems with the Windows firewall or some other firewall like Norton or McAfee. Set up the fire wall to allow exceptions on ports 80, 161, and 3670 for ScanRouter and port 135 for Desktop Binder auto document link.
    ScanRouter Lite version and up will work with Server 2003. ScanRouter Pro requires Windows 2000 server or 2003 server and although it may run on a workstation OS, it is not licenced for such and so is not supported.

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    Thank you.
    I'm not so sure that opening ports on a firewall is the ideal solution, but at least you didn't say that it can't be done.

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    There are various software problems related to XP SP2.
    This is a link to how to resolve Scanrouter V2 issues,/?St=49,E=0000000000002443333,K=5690,Sxi=16,Questio n59=obj(59)bj(67)

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    Hi all,

    We had ScanRouter Lite on a Nt 40 workstation and it works perfect. But this machine crashed. So I had to choose a new machine. So i thought we want to go to windows 2003 I put it on a windows 2003 server.

    I installed the last version of the program, but when I create a new destenation, I go to the screen where you can say put the file to a location. But from there I can't see the network drives? He only sees the c drive?

    Can somebody help me?

    thank you

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    You probably have it installed as a service rather than launch as a program. When you choose install as service the service starts before the mapped drive and you won't see any mapped drives. If you have problems you can always use intray save and then monitor the intrays with V2 link or Auto document link, which can then automatically transfer the documents to a specified network location.

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