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  • Let Scanning Solutions Improve Your Workflow

    Posted on Evolved Office

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w125/forums/200/rickpics/MonsterTechStory.jpg"Many companies operate under the impression that scanning documents is a simple, but limited, method for document storage. Although scanning does indeed reduce storage costs, there are many more benefits to implementing a scanning solution than storage alone. In fact, electronically archiving your business records is just one small step you can take toward improving operational efficiency and lowering document costs.

    Regardless of your specific industry, a successful scanning solution will reap many benefits, all of which will ultimately have an impact on your bottom line. Once your documents are scanned, document management software ups the ante by adding a laundry list of practical benefits that can save your business time and money.

    Imagine the amount of time you spend hunting down specific documents. Now multiply that amount of time by your total number of employees. If time is money, a successful scanning solution will turn back the clock.

    Here are just a few of the many benefits of a scanning solution:

    • Increased productivity
    • Shortened document retrieval time
    • Increased compliance
    • Reduced labor costs
    • Streamlined auditing
    • Reduced storage costs

    It’s easy to imagine just how valuable combining a scanning system with a document management solution can be." . . . [Read More at EvolvedOffice.com]