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  • CopierCareers 2017 Service & Operations Manager Salary Survey Now Available

    Highlights Include:

    • This year, the average total salary for a service and operations manager was $85,154, an increase of 0.9%.
    • On the other hand, non-cash bonuses like health benefits, company car, training, etc. increased 6.5% to a value of $28,654.88.
    • 98% of respondents say they are actively or somewhat actively looking for a new job in 2017.
    • Service managers are showing a significantly increased interest in collaboration and community over past years. Compared to 2016, 15% more say they want to work with “highly talented peers” and 27% more value “a sense of community in my work group.”

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    See the full Press Release here: https://copiercareers.com/wp-content...ary-survey.pdf