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  • Important Sales Lessons From One of Sports' Greatest Duos

    Posted on Xerox Blogs: The Channel Partner Connection, by Barry Levine

    What a fantastic quote from the Zen Master which epitomizes the importance around practice and why sales reps need practice – We’re Talking ’bout Practice… Yes, Sales Reps Need Stinking Practice!

    Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson. Tom Brady has Bill Belichick. What’s the common denominator?

    Behind Every Great Athlete Is a Great Coach

    Behind every great team you’ll find great coaches. With every great coach you’ll almost always find their life was influenced by one or more impactful coaches or mentors. Can we make the same comparison inside sales teams? Who are the mentors to sales managers? Who impacted..." [read more at www.thechannelpartner.blogs.xerox.com]