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  • Price Cutting is for Sissies

    Posted on The Sales Hunter, by Mark Hunter

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w100/forums/200/rickpics/MarkHunterCROP.jpg"Sales is all about closing the deal, and in order to achieve that goal, a purchase price must be agreed upon. All salespeople, at one time or another, have had their price challenged. What do you do when that situation arises? As much as everyone in sales would like to consider themselves “great closers,” in reality, many are sissies when it comes to this important skill.

    They often boast about never discounting their product, but when they’re suddenly confronted on price, they fold faster than a cheap umbrella on a windy day.

    Consider the following scenario you may have found yourself in. . . .You’re on the verge of closing the biggest deal of your career. Doing so will put a nice, fat commission check in your hands and you’ll soon be receiving kudos from everyone..." [read more at www.thesaleshunter.com]