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  • Spot The Security Threats, A Quick, Interactive Guide to Common Document Security Problems

    Posted on Xerox.com
    "Most small businesses don't think document security matters. But 70% of organizations have had one or more accidental data breaches through printing. The consequences of these can be as expensive as they are embarrassing.

    So here's a quick guide to some common document security threats – and what you can do about them. (See the interactive slides at Xerox.com to find out what to do about these threats.)

    Threat #1: Documents lying in printer trays.
    Threat #2: Sensitive data being sent to the printer.
    Threat #3: Sensitive data stored on MFP hard drives.
    Threat #4: Scanning to unauthorized, personal cloud apps.
    Threat #5: Unsecured filing cabinets." . . . [Read More at Xerox.com]