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  • Rochester In-plant Switches to Konica Minolta Devices

    Posted on In-Plant Graphics, by Bob Neubauer

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w165/forums/200/rickpics/Rochester3guys.jpg"Change can be difficult, but as Tom Licata found out, it often comes with great benefits.

    Standing with one of the new Konica Minolta digital presses at the Rochester City School District are (from left) Jose Ilarraza, Tom Licata and Anthony Gigliotti.

    For nearly 30 years, his print shop at the Rochester (N.Y.) City School District used Xerox equipment — a no-brainer based on their shared Rochester location.

    So when he made the decision a few months ago to swap the shop’s iGen3 and iGen4 digital color presses and two D125s for six Konica Minolta devices, Licata admits, “I was hesitant.”

    The payoff, though, has been immense, and has brought substantial savings to the district..." [read more at www.inplantgraphics.com]