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  • Four Questions to Ask About Your Printing Security

    Posted on Samsung Printing Solutions

    "When it comes to network security, threats can take aim at a variety of targets in their search for a point of entry – from desktop and laptop computers, to mobile devices and printers. Ensuring that the network is secure is a continuous task for IT managers, and yet printer security itself is often overlooked in the workplace. In fact, according to a recent survey, “just 16% of respondents think printers are at high risk for security threat/breach.” It’s this complacency which is ripe for exploitation.

    Thankfully, savvy businesses are asking salient questions about how to tighten their printers’ security. Having discovered that their Samsung MFPs are equipped with five security keys to keep the printing network safe, administrators might also want to consider these not-so-frequently asked questions to help them make informed choices about their own network security..." (read more at www.samsungprintingsolutions.com)