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  • The Top Networking Mistakes Your Sales Reps are Making

    Posted on The Channel Partner Connection, by Pete Peterson

    "In order to make a sale, you have to provide value to the client. Thatís Sales 101. But in my experience, the best way to turn prospects into clients is by building a personal connection. People have to want to do business with you. Networking is the best way to start building personal connections. While social engagement is critical in the digital age, nothing will ever replace a handshake and a smile, and the connection you forge by looking someone in the eye.

    Networking is one of the first words to enter your lexicon when you start out in the sales world, but not everyone learns how to do it right.

    In talking with sales leaders and business owners around the globe, Iíve learned a lot about what works and what doesnít, and thatís what Iím bringing you today..." (Read more at www.channelpartner.blogs)