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  • Four Ways Resellers Can Help Financial Services Clients Automate

    Posted on Channel Partner, by Patricia Ames

    "The financial services industry is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. Some of the biggest players globally employ ultra-sophisticated technology to help them automate trading, insurance, risk management and more. Key players at several of the largest institutions even see themselves as technology companies – Goldman Sachs’ CEO Lloyd Blankfein, for one.

    But even though the financial services industry is embracing tech, it is not deployed evenly throughout. And where there is a gap, there is an opportunity. Channel partners can help solve four important problems that a lot of financial services providers (FSPs) face today: new client onboarding, loans application processing, fraud management and compliance.

    New Client Onboarding
    Something as fundamental as onboarding new customers shouldn’t be so complicated, but it is. On an outline, it looks straightforward: you collect, validate, and add the new customer’s required documents and personal information to the customer database. But when you implement this process in the real world, complications begin to reveal themselves..." (read more at www.channelpartner.blogs.xerox.com)