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  • Is Sales a Solo Activity or a Team Sport?

    Posted on The Sales Hunter, by Mark Hunter

    "Are you the lone wolf at your company or are you the first one to sign up to help organize the 3-legged sack race at the company picnic?

    Sales is emotional and donít say itís not.

    We all have found ourselves screaming loudly after closing a big sale and gnashing our teeth when the ďstupid customerĒ doesnít agree to the sale. Itís the same reason why when we close a big sale, so often another big sale follows suit. Makes you wonder if success loves company? Iíll tell you the answer.

    Success DOES love company and thatís why I believe sales is a team sport!
    Early in my career, my territory consisted of 1/3 of the state of Oregon. To make it worse, the 1/3 I had also didnít have any people. The size of the territory was bigger than territory in 4 other states I covered driving my company-supplied Buick.

    That Buick was a fine tuned machine, tuned so well that when you stepped on the gas the air-conditioning shut off. Obviously, this was lousy! Sure, it created more power to the engine, but simultaneously I became drenched in sweat..." (read more at www.thesaleshunter.com)