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  • How Do You Reach the Non-Responsive Prospect?

    Posted by Mark Hunter on TheSalesHunter.com

    "We have all engaged the perfect prospect. The first call with them went great, and we feel good. We know we can help them, and then the darkness appears. As warm as the first call went, everything is now cold. What do you do next? Let me share ten things you need to do to get the cold prospect hot again:

    1. Donít panic! Keep your cool even when the prospect becomes cold. Your job is to re-engage them. Keep in mind that they may be cold just because of other things that they are dealing with, that have nothing to do with you.
    2. Always remember that it is your job to reach out to them. If they tell you that you donít need to follow up with them, that they will reach out to you, donít buy it! You know that you can help them, but they donít know how much, so thatís why they donít feel the need to talk to you. Itís solely your job to continue reaching out to them.
    3. Make each message valuable to them. Donít make it about you or what your company does. Itís about them. Each of your messages needs to resonate with them and seem relevant to their company.
    4. Ask a follow-up question about something that they shared with you in your first conversation. This is one of best ways to encourage someone to engage with you in conversation. When you ask someone about something that they told you, it shows that you value their opinion.
    5. Be unpredictable in your schedule. Make your calls and other messages at different times of the day and days of the week. You have to fit their schedule; they are not going to fit yours.
    6. Use every medium available. Do not rely on just email but also use the telephone, including voicemail, text, and even social media. Just make sure that each message is different." . . . [Read More at TheSalesHunter.com]