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  • Prospecting and The 10 Rules You Need to Follow

    By Mark Hunter of ďThe Sales Hunter.Ē Sales Motivation Blog.

    You donít just think about prospecting. Prospecting is something you do, and you do it daily.

    Watch this video: 10 Rules of Prospecting, to learn more!

    1.The number of deals you have to close directly reflects the amount of time you spend prospecting. The prospects you close with next month and next quarter are the people you prospect with right now.

    2. Donít start what you canít finish. A single phone call will never be enough. You have to be prepared to reach back out to the prospect numerous times over a period of days, weeks, or even months before you have a meaningful conversation.

    3. Focus on the outcome that you provide rather than on what you sell. You do what you do because you can help others. The benefits that you offer and the outcomes that you deliver are what matter most.

    4. Always have a dedicated time to prospect each day and each week. If you think that you will just get to prospecting once you have everything else done, youíre wrong. There will always be demands on your time. You must schedule prospecting in your calendar just like you schedule any other appointment or meeting. It needs to be part of your routine. Prospecting is no different than showering; itís best done daily.

    5. Prospecting is about interrupting people. They will never know how much you can help them until you first reach out. Accept the fact that you are an interruption; the only way that you wouldnít be is if they were already your customer.

    6. When you hear the prospect say, ďjust send me some information,Ē realize that they are simply saying that to get rid of you. Itís a phrase to easily end the conversation. New salespeople get excited when they hear a prospect ask for more information. Donít fall for this request before first asking them questions to uncover more of their needs.

    7. Prospecting is not networking. Thereís nothing wrong with networking, but it is not prospecting. Networking is about creating relationships over time and these can turn into prospecting situations, but always view networking as having a long-tail that takes time.

    8. Using lines such as ďjust checking inĒor ďhowís your day going?Ē are a waste. Itís your job to bring new value each time you reach out to them. When the other person hears these kinds of phrases/questions, it can show them that you donít know what to ask for and you donít have anything new to say. Simply put, it indicates that you are wasting the prospectís time.[Read more here...]

    Copyright 2019, Mark Hunter ďThe Sales Hunter.Ē Sales Motivation Blog. Mark Hunter is the author of High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results