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  • Microsoft solutions by Konica Minolta: two powerful partners for a successful business

    Posted on Konica Minolta

    "The key to business success today usually presents itself in a square shape – namely in the form of the digital devices and applications that employees use on a daily basis. If it’s remotely accessing a sensitive document, working on the data of the latest customer inquiry or on the purchase order from last week, these are examples of workflows, data and business processes that need to be managed digitally by every company nowadays. It is crucial that this can be handled smoothly, intuitively and addresses today’s employees’ need for remote work and collaboration. At the same time, companies need to ensure the highest level of security. Managing customer relations and resource planning also requires solutions that fit the company’s IT environment and support them in achieving their business goals. Addressing this, Konica Minolta is cooperating with Microsoft to offer strong tools for a wide range of modern office solutions, as well as CRM and ERP related applications, that are implemented and adjusted on the basis of the customer’s needs. Konica Minolta is therefore providing tailor-made solutions that can at the same time be integrated seamlessly with existing systems. The combination of Konica Minolta’s expertise and deep customer understanding with the excellent applications from Microsoft is creating a substantial benefit – especially for SMEs.

    Business process solutions that fit and connect seamlessly

    CRM and ERP solutions have key roles in digitally supporting the in- and outbound processes of the front and back-office. Digitalizing these processes opens the door to boosting a company’s efficiency and helps to seize new business opportunities. It enables fact-based, intelligent decision-making and action: a powerful CRM can be a driver for sales, market development and customer service, as it holds the key to understanding a customer with his specific requirements. A strong ERP is essential for effectively managing a company’s resources, financing and operations. Consequently, CRM and ERP solutions were ranked highest priority for investments by senior IT managers in 2018[1]. However, between different departments and industries, but also company structures, the required specifications for these solutions can vary significantly. At the same time, they necessarily need to be capable of being integrated into and connected with existing systems.

    To provide its customers with the best possible solution in this field, Konica Minolta joins forces with Microsoft to enlarge its portfolio with a wide range of business process solutions. Besides its excellent office software, Microsoft has recently been named a leader for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms by Gartner[2], including its cloud-platform Azure and the business intelligence Power BI, both of which are also deployed by Konica Minolta."...[Read more at Konica Minolta]