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  • How to Fill an Empty Sales Pipeline in 30 Days

    Posted on thesaleshunter.com by Mark Hunter

    "Iíve had three people reach out to me this past week with this question: ďI donít have anything in my pipeline, what can I do quickly to fill it?Ē It doesnít need to be complicated. Best of all, you can do it in less than 30 days. Below is my 10-step process to fill your sales pipeline.

    1. By looking at your current customers, identify specifically who your target customer is. Donít focus on who they are are but on the outcome you give them by working with you. You must stay 100% focused on your target prospect, because you donít have time get distracted by fake prospects that donít fit your profile.

    2. Know exactly how you help your customers. It doesnít have to do with what you sell but how you meet the needs of your customer. Be sure to get this message tight as it will become your front door to invite prospects in.

    3. Review all of your old customer records to identify both old customers and those who never moved forward to became a customer. Your review isnít designed to create a massive list but a manageable list of contacts who you feel fit or come very close to your perfect customer profile.

    4. As you review this list, ask yourself if you made it as easy as possible for customers to do business with you. Too often, sales are lost because the process is over complicated. Use your experience to date to simplify things. Your goal is to make it easy for a prospect to become a customer. With an empty pipeline and a hungry belly to feed, now is not the time to sell complicated solutions to elephants and whales. You want focus on prospects who you can close quickly. Once your pipeline is full, you can start looking at bigger, more complicated opportunities. Iíve watched too many salespeople starve to death chasing the big game that takes too long to close.

    5. Review all of your existing customers and based on your knowledge of them, identify other prospects. Use the internet to find similar contacts that have the potential to become a perfect prospect. One specific tool I strongly recommend you use is the ďIntel Search Engine.Ē To gain access to it, (and much more!), join my High-Profit Sales Coaching program here."...[Read more at thesaleshunter.com]