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  • RICOH Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

    On January 28, 2020, a Ricoh Group Crisis Management Team was established for Covid-19. Ricoh’s response to the ongoing situation will follow guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

    Ricoh Company, Ltd is actively monitoring the evolving situation regarding the outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and will make decisions accordingly based on the policies outlined below.

    Ricoh Company Policy
    We have already implemented relevant countermeasures including:

    1. Protecting the wellbeing of all employees and their families as our primary focus.
    2. Considering the potential social impact by supporting the prevention and / or containment of the situation.
    3. Making every effort to continuously provide the services and products required by our customers.
    4. Providing support and assistance to maintain business in the affected areas.
    Ricoh facilities in China

    Ricoh facilities in China
    The Ricoh Group has 17 subsidiaries in China ranging from those focused on R&D to design, production, sales and service. Following the notice of the Chinese and local governments, all the subsidiaries have resumed operation.

    Ricoh service personnel and on-site Ricoh staff
    We are actively putting in place business continuity plans to mitigate any potentially negative impact that may be caused by the spread of Covid-19 on Ricoh service personnel or on-site Ricoh staff working at customer locations. Ricoh has invested heavily in creating a resilient and flexible infrastructure to support our ability to adapt to different working circumstances and we will make every effort to continue to deliver excellent service levels to our customers as the situation evolves.

    Supply of spare parts
    Ricoh maintains a good inventory of spare parts and supplies. We do not currently anticipate any disruption and Ricoh will continue to actively monitor and review this ongoing global situation. We will always look to minimize any impact for our customers whilst protecting the safety and wellbeing of our employees.

    Supply of toner
    Ricoh continues to receive daily shipments of spare parts. We have also put in place contingency plans to address any potential shortage should our supply chain for spare parts become impacted.

    Supply of toner
    The majority of our toner for all Ricoh printers is manufactured in Japan and bottled in the UK. We maintain a good supply of all toners and continue to receive regular shipments.

    Advice for customer regarding cleaning devices
    Ricoh devices are similar to other electronic devices in your office. Please turn your device off before cleaning. We recommend cleaning the outside covers and screens with a non-static lint free cloth. An antibacterial spray can be used with a non-static lint free cloth, but DO NOT spray directly on the device’s surfaces or components, as getting liquid inside the device can damage the internal components.

    Ricoh Group Employees
    The welfare of our employees is of paramount importance and we are taking every necessary precaution regarding reducing the spread of the virus. Ricoh is a company with a wide global footprint and everywhere we operate, we have been closely following the guidance of local governments to ensure we are acting responsibly and putting safety first.

    For all Ricoh employees, we are following the guidance from the appropriate country authorities to ensure a responsible approach is taken to all our activities.

    As we continue to monitor the situation, if anything should change, we will provide an updated statement.

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