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  • 6 Signs Youíve Outgrown Your Current Business Software

    Posted on ecisolutions.com by Jenna Guy

    "Many of the tools that startups and small businesses use to get their operation off the ground are perfect for their needs. Theyíre lightweight, easy-to-use, and cheap. But what happens as you start to acquire more customers? Many of the solutions suited for startups are not scalable and donít provide the features a growing business needs to keep pace with demand, provide exceptional customer service, and make smart decisions about the future.

    Common growing pains
    Here are six signs that your current business management tools arenít meeting your needs and may be holding you back:

    1. Manual data entry takes up a considerable amount of your time and results in frequent errors.
    2. Different teams or departments are working in different tools.
    3. Your various business management tools donít integrate.
    4. You have to move data from one system to another just to make processes work.
    5. You donít have visibility into your overall business performance at any given time.
    6. Your team is reactive in many situations instead of proactive.

    How many of these challenges are you experiencing? Even if itís only one, itís probably causing larger problems downstream like low productivity, high operating costs, and poor business performance"... [Read more at ecisolutions.com]