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  • 10 Ways to Stand Out As a Salesperson

    Posted on TheSalesHunter.com by Mark Hunter

    "In this post, I will walk you through the 10 ways to stand out as a salesperson. Note that these 10 are not in a rank order. Each one is just as important as the other. However, if you want to stand out and be seen as the salesperson every company wants to deal with, you must exemplify these 10 traits. You must possess these not just some of the time, but all of the time. Let’s get started! Oh, and by the way, I wrote the book
    A Mind For Sales where I dig into each of these topics even further.

    1. Trust
    The number one quality is trust. This probably sounds cliché. It sounds so trite, but you know what? Trust must always be at the core. I share this one first, because when you demonstrate the other nine things that I’m about to share with you, you will find yourself in a position of creating trust for your customers. Trust is not what you say. Trust is not what you do. No, trust is what you say, and it’s backed up by what you do.

    2. Research and Development
    R&D stands for the Research and Development Department, and this is the department you want to be for your customers. You want to actively work on research and development for them. What does that mean? It means you’re bringing them ideas. You’re bringing them solutions and new ones that they would not have thought of. Because you understand their business so well, you’re seen as a person highly capable of bringing them keen insights.

    3. Timely
    Timely means you say what you’re going to do and you do it. You follow through – always! You show up on time. You’re punctual and more importantly, you respect their time. When you say it’s going to be a short phone call, you keep it short. When you say it’s going to be 15 minutes for a meeting, it is 15 minutes. When you say you’re going to have something to them by Tuesday at 4:00, you deliver it to them by Tuesday at 1:00. You always exceed whatever schedule that you create. Timely is absolutely imperative, and especially at the prospecting level, because customers often say, “I don’t want you wasting my time.” What does that mean? That means that you respect their time. |

    4. Respectful
    What does it mean to be respectful? It is demonstrating that you understand where they’re coming from both personally and professionally. Now, I could break personally and professionally apart, but I am going to keep it together, because when I understand someone professionally, I understand him/her personally. And when I understand you personally, I’m going to understand you professionally. When you’re respectful, you understand your position, where you came from, and what your goals are. Being respectful involves understanding you as an individual just as much as understanding your business. When I understand both areas, I am respectful.

    5. Listen
    Yes, listen. Again, many people say, “You’re kidding me. Really?” But it is amazing how few salespeople truly listen. You want to be the salesperson who not only listens what’s being said, but also listens for what’s not being said. You want to listen to what’s being seen and what’s not being seen. Listening skills involve the eyes just as much as they do the ears. Body language in all forms demonstrates what’s really going on. Listening is about understanding where the customer’s going. Listening is about helping the customer feel more confident in being able to share more insights with you. And that leads me to my next one relating to a level of confidence"... [Read more at TheSalesHunter.com]