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  • How to Get More Referrals

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w235/forums/200/rickpics/Markhunter-image.jpg Posted on thesaleshunter.com by Mark Hunter

    "Let’s talk about how you can use referrals as part of your prospecting process. Referrals are a great way to build your business. I am going to share 10 strategies to get more referrals. All 10 of these ideas are from my books, High-Profit Prospecting and A Mind for Sales. Before I get into the 10 things, let me share one thing with you: do not look at referrals as the only way or the only thing you need to grow your business. If you do, you will let go of a tremendous amount of potential opportunities. Referrals are just one leg of your prospecting process.

    Here are 10 ways to work referrals into your prospecting process:

    1. Ask for a referral any time you give value
    Often, people are hesitant to ask for a referral, but anytime you give a customer value, you have the right to say, “Hey, who else might benefit from this? Who else might you know?” When the customers receive value, they think highly of you. They like you. They like what you are doing for them. Use it.

    2. If you want to get referrals, you need to give referrals
    This is not a quid pro quo type of arrangement, but it is amazing how your mindset becomes such very easily. When you are willing to give people referrals, you’ll see how you end up getting them in return. Don’t ever sit there and think for a moment that it’s not your obligation to give referrals, because if you do, I bet you won’t get the referrals that you’re thinking. Give to get.

    3. Keep everyone involved
    It’s key that you keep the person who gave you the referral. This is probably one of the biggest, most important ones on this list.

    Here’s why- when somebody gives you a referral and you go, “Great. That’s great,” you reach out to them. Whether or not something comes of it, you need to keep that person up to date. Thank them for giving you that person’s name. Express thanks for making that introduction and share how it went. Keep the person who gave you the referral informed.

    Here’s why- If somebody gives you a referral and they never hear back from you, they’ll probably go, “Well then.” But if you contact them again and again and say, “Hey, here’s that nothing happened,” they will probably feel really bad and feel like they should give you another referral. On the flip side, if the referral went well, they’ll say, “That’s great. Let me give you another one”.

    It is amazing how what you’re doing is priming the pump. Prime the pump, because the majority of your referrals (80% typically) will come from 20% of your customers.

    4. Recognition
    Yes. Recognition. I love using recognition to get more referrals. If you see a customer do something, that is achieve something, then pick up the phone and call them. Compliment them on their achievement. Guess what? After that, you can ask them who else they might know. It’s that easy! When you call them, they are going to be in a great mood, and they will want to thank you.

    5. Follow up calls
    You may have somebody in your organization who needs to follow up after an installation has been done. Something’s been happening and they’re following up just to see how it’s going. Right then, don’t hesitate to ask, “Hey, by the way, who else might be a good person for us to talk to?””... [Read more at THE SALES HUNTER.COM]