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  • Before You Prospect, 10 Things You Need to Do First

    Posted on The Sales Hunter.com by Mark Hunter

    "There are 10 things you need to do before you begin prospecting. If you donít do these 10 things, your chances of being successful at prospecting are zero. I guarantee it. If you havenít checked out my book, High-Profit Prospecting, go read it. Iíll share ideas from it today as well as from my latest book, A Mind for Sales. Letís dive in!

    1. Donít start what you canít finish

    Too often, salespeople say, ďIím going to call a bunch of prospects. Iím going to start a bunch of calls.Ē However, they get busy and sidetracked and donít have the ability to follow up and follow through. The key is that unless you can manage ďXĒ number of prospects the entire way through your process, donít even start with them, because all youíll end up doing is making one call and thatís it. You wonít get anywhere.

    2. Know the Outcomes You Create
    Know what value you create with the outcomes you provide to your prospects. How do you know the value? Look at your current customers and ask yourself what outcomes have you been able to create for them. This is what you must zero in on. When you look at the outcomes youíve created for your current customers, identify them vertically- by industry type, by segment, whatever it is. Then, as you call prospects, you will have in your mind that this is going to work, because probably, the outcomes that a similar type of customer is looking for will match up to what you achieved with another company and another customer.

    3. Know your POE
    POE stands for ďpoint of entry.Ē This is how youíre going to lead off. So, what will you lead with? It doesnít work to begin with a wonderfully, feature-driven statement. They donít care who you are nor do they care what you make. All they care about are their problems. You have to be able to understand them well enough by vertical, by segment, by however it is. Then youíll be able to identify and start coming in and approaching them from a prospecting standpoint, because you know your business well enough to have an intelligent conversation. Thatís what it means to know your POE.

    4. Be clear on your CTA
    CTA is your call to action. Never make a prospecting call, no matter what form Ė email, phone, voicemail, etc. Ė without having a clear call to action. This means it has to be simple. It has to be plain enough and engaging enough for them to want to contact you. Now donít kid yourselfÖ donít think that youíre going to get a high abundance of people suddenly calling you back just because you left them a voicemail. No, but you do have to be clear because there will be customers. Prospects will call you back, but you have to be clear. You have to articulate your message very simply.

    5. Identify your ICP
    ICP stands for ideal customer profile. Who is your ideal customer? What do they look like? Remember back to number two on this list, when I talked about knowing the value of the outcomes you create. That will help guide you to who your ICP is. The tighter you can be with your ICP, the better your POE will be and the better your CTA will be; therefore, the better everything will work for you because youíll be able to craft your messages around just the ICP.". . . [Read more at The Sales Hunter.com]