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Thread: RISO RP 3700 Drum Repair

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    I am in the process of rebuilding the black print drum and interested to here from anyone else who has done this (my first drum repair) the drum has about 2.8 million but seems to be really worn out. Was leaking on both sides in the machine and when I removed the screen (030-16202-001) from the drum there was 1-2 cups of ink inside. Most in the front, the screen has 2 groves almost cut through on each end inside. We are using Riso ink.
    My questions
    [ 1 ] is this normal wear and leakage for 2.8million ?
    [ 2 ] is it worth rebuilding looks like I need at least $800.00 in parts

    Thanks for any info

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    wear and tear is it screen or body ur changing

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    Drum body (030-16249-059) I referred to the wrong part before, the drum body has the groves in it

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    sounds like ur scr*pers have worn thru drum body where did you get ur prices in scotland could fit body and screens for less than 300 (dirty job)

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    Yes It is a very VERY dirty job.
    The drum body is abuot $200.00 US dollars the rest of the expence covers screen, clamp *ssembly, ink blocking sheet and 5-6 other small parts. Some were recommended by the supplier as might need.
    The drum body is the only part that is really bad.
    The Squeegee Roller has some light grooves worn in it. Don't know if this is normal or if it should be replaced.
    Thank for any info


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    at that volume, wear is normal sounds like ur supplier is rippin u off body yes screens yes clamp why
    sreens come on their own just need light absorb strip the drum body and screen are only reccomended to last about 1m

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