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Thread: Riso RP3700 drum issue

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    I have an RP3700 that has an issue with the black drum. When the machine is used, it gives me the message saying the drum is not installed. The only way I can keep the message from appearing is to put pressure on the drum, pushing it in (I use a snow shovel with the handle pressing on the drum handle). There must be a repair I can do with the drum (this is the only drum with this problem). Any suggestions?

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    Look at this picture

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    I couldn't find the part anywhere, so I made that part longer with epoxy putty. That did the trick! Thanks for your help!

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    I take off plastic cover next to actuator and put big flat screwdriver in hole next to actuator. Push well under actuator and make it a little (1.5 mm) longer.

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    Nice fix!

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