Hi all,

First-post but I've already received a lot of great information on this forum.

I have a Toshiba e-Studio 3510c, which has been out of its service contract for a while. I've been keeping it alive with the CEC0 errors and the yellow toner streaks and everything...

Today it started producing pages of grey lines instead of what was supposed to be printed. I checked the copy function was working, and it was to a degree, but I decided it needed a reset. I tried resetting a few things, but then upon reading a few forums someone suggested I use Clear+3 to reset the HDD.

...Apparently this removes the firmware, so now I'm sitting in front of a copier-shaped foot-stool.

I guess what I need now is firmware, so that hopefully I can restore the machine to a working state.

Does anyone have any version of firmware for a 3510c?

I would be really grateful for your help.