I have four m20i machines and only one works (barely). Anyone in Southern California want to make two good machines out of them? I'm near LAX. Yes, they're old but I still have tons of supplies. I'm not a tech but it seems as if all this would take is to swap power supplies, fusers and a bypass tray.

Machine 1: Works, but bypass tray is completely missing. This is the one I am using.

Machine 2: Worked fine, but then just stopped and wouldn't turn on as if the power supply died.

Machine 3: Worked except that toner was rubbing off on one side of the sheet; not fusing properly. I swapped fusers with Machine 2. Then Machine 3 wouldn't turn on. Perhaps the fuser had shorted out Machine 2 and now Machine 3. Just a guess.

Machine 4: Makes a copy, but jams at fuser, bypass doesn't work, overheats.