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Thread: Konica 7033 Error code "F-51-4

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    I had a call about the copier Konica 7033 for a jamming document feeder. After finding out that this had other problems. I started with a cleaning of all the rollers inspection of paper paths (found more 'train wrecks'.....accordion paper in registration area) and dirty mirrors. This was all cleaned up. I cheated the copier to watch the paper movement thru the paper path assembly and after a few moments of initialization It gave me an error code of "F-51-4".I dug out my trusty Intrevia manual and found out that this is a Developer Drive problem. My question is ...
    1. Did the jamming of two sheets of paper according in the Registration trigger the movement?
    2. How or what simulation do I need to preform to indicate what is wrong with the 'in questioned unit"?
    3. Do I need to reset the copier to clear this prior to anything else before I preform " number 2 question"? Thanks in advanced for any assistance....Best regards,Steve

    Best Regards,Steve Vasquez

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    Dont panic!!
    Its just the dev drive clutch gone tight.
    Take off the back cover, remove the flywheel,remove the board then take out the clutch(3 scerws)
    Clean and lube the bushes in the clutch assy(not the actual clutch)Reassemble and your problem should be solved.
    We lube these on a service these days and now have no problems.
    Good luck

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