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    Hi Guys, I have a di-183f that had a broken mixing shaft in the dv unit which I have replaced.
    After replacing the shaft, I got a couple of copies out and then cof32 code=faulty ATDC sensor.
    I wanted to try and run f8 to recalibrate toner density, but can't get into sevice mode before the code pops up or with the front door open.
    The dv was very low on toner so I added some to the dv manually to get the density up and avoid the code, but to no avail.
    I think I'm using the right procedure to get into service confirm, confirm total page? displayed, press yes, press stop,00, stop, 01.
    It will not go to service mode!!!
    Does the machine have to go to ready before you can get into service mode?
    I have tried with the front door open and that doesn't work either.
    I am going to replace the dv, but am concerned that I can't get into service mode.
    Any halp or advice is appreciated.
    Thanx in Advance

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    your on the right track, but I would try getting into service mode with the right side door open, get to f8, close the door and as soon as that light goes green on the start button push it.

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