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Thread: Minolta Di620 c500 error code reset

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    I need to know how to reset a c500 error code. I recently replaced the upper heatlamp and thermistat. I'm still getting a c500 error code. the device is continuesly in warm up mode? When i open the front panel , I can see the lower heat lamp working but the upper heat lamp still does not light up? Wondering if i need to reset error code?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Open the front cover on the left side under the control panel, You will see a small cover with one screw. open this small door. turn on machine open main door then hit reset switch, then close door and poof error be gone. Also check copper connectors on end of copy lamp these can carrode and cause fuser codes.


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    I did what you said, turned the machine on and hit switch, closed door and nothing still getting c500 error code and upper heat lamp is still not lighting up? The connections are clean and corosion free? Is there any other way to reset this error code?

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    Get out the Ohm meter and start checking the continuety of the upper lamp circuits. Mainly the lamp and the thermal fuse. Chances are the thermal fuse is blown. A temporary fix is to freeze with canned air and throwing the fuse to the ground. If you have no idea how to use the meter call a tech. This is a fuser code and can cause serious problems if not repaired properly. If you are a tech and need the manual e-mail me at Notice, do not PM me, I do not regularlly check my PM's . I may not always check this thread. E-mail is checked frewuentlly through out the evening.

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