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    I have a c250 that had uneven cyan prints. I went into service mode and ran add toner, cyan,once which did not clear up the problem. Then I took apart the cyan unit and cleaned the corona and grid, which did correct uneven density issue, but now I got c2552.
    I tried running image stabilization, both with and without reinitialization...still c2552.
    I tried setting DMAX to -2, and +2, still get c2552!
    Can anyone tell me how to correct this?
    All I did was 1 toner add cycle on cyan to start this trouble...any help is apprecated and thanx in advance!

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    clean the contact of iu and the connector at the front of the machine.
    We installed (glued) some material on the front door so that the imaging units are beter pushed towards the contact

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    that didn't work, and I will get a manual on this model....but would still appreciate any input....also got a co211 code....don't know what this is...need the manual.

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    C2552 Abnormally high toner density
    detected Cyan TCR Sensor
    TC ratio in the developing machine, which is
    determined by Toner replenishing amount control
    mechanism, is 12 % or more for a given number
    of times consecutively.

    1Clean the TCR Sensor window on the
    underside of the Imaging Unit if dirty

    2 Reinstall Imaging Unit
    3 Change Imaging Unit
    4 Change PWB-M
    5 Change PWB-MFP

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