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    Post Mita Ai2310Lwith 4" lead edge shaded band on back of 1st page of a single sided copy

    Have an Ai2310L that will put a 3-4 inch shaded band on the back lead edge of a single sided copy but only on the 1st page. After the 1st page the copies are clean on the back for the whole run and if you start another job right away it may not do it but if you wait a few minutes and start a job your first single sided copy will have a 4 inch shaded band on the back of the 1st page starting at the backside lead edge. The front side of the copies always looks fine. Machine has good drum, blade, anti-spill mylar and developer. It happens before the fuser unit. I keep thinking the transfer roller is the only thing that touches the back of the paper but have never seen a transfer roller on any machine cause a problem like this. I'm no expert on this machine but have 25 years experience and have the most experience on Canon, Konica Minolta, Sharp & Panasonic. The transfer roller on the machine has never been replaced and the machine has 215k on it. Thanks for any expertise from you Kyocera Mita guys.

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    You have a bad developer. Seen it many times. Looking at a ecosys 2535 that does it right now. Had one last week.

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