Hi All,

I just picked up a used taskalfa 400ci that worked fine during testing at the sellers site. I brought it home and now, tray 1 will not pick up paper properly. I've tried different stocks, new paper, less paper, more paper; and everytime I try to print or copy, it doesn't get picked up and throws a JAM10 error.

Whenever I go to clear the jam, I pull out tray one and the paper is barely picked up and hasn't even really been pulled into the "feeder" yet (if that's what it's called). I never need to open the "left side" (fuser side) of the copier to remove the jam, as it never makes it that far.

Manual feed tray and tray 2 work perfectly.

I'm not sure what could've happened in transport, but I really would like to have both of my trays working. Any thoughts on where to go from here in terms of fixing the problem?

I'm new to this series of copier, but I've worked on laser printers in the past - albeit - 10-15 years ago. So, your kindness and, um, direct-ness will help (i.e., if you can provide step by step help, not just technical jargon, that'd help tremendously. ).

Thanks in advance!