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Thread: Error Code E0809 \ Oce 9400

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    I'm getting an error code E0809 and Turn ON\OFF. I have an Oce 9400. Prior to this it gave me a paper jam error which I apparently fixed. Help!

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    I don't work on the 9400 but here is the service info on E0809 code. Hope this helps.
    The fuser temperature measured by NTC 1 is too high.
    NTC 1 is the sensor at the left hand-side of the fuser.

    08R(x) NTC Resistor check
    1 Disconnect the corresponding 08(x) NTC resistor.
    2 Connect a multimeter to measure the NTC resistance. If a short-circuit is measured (0 ohm), replace the NTC resistor.
    3 Activate the special test 4-01 fuser paper in SDS test 4-01
    The 08E1 and 08E2 heaters are switched on during one minute. Measure for a uniform decrease of the NTC resistance.
    4 Check the connection from the 08R(x) NTC resistor to 22PBA01 CPU PBA.
    5 Check that there is no short-circuit to earth.

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